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A diagnostics check can test your vehicle’s on board computer, know as the the ECU, by carrying out a scan of your cars systems. Following the scan a full list of problems and error codes will be provided to help identify and solve any issues with your vehicle. If you are seeing warning lights show …



MOT Repair

When your car is due for an MOT you will often need to get it back from us and back on the road as soon as possible. Sometimes your vehicle may need repairs or new parts in order to satisfy the MOT and road safety laws in the UK. When this is the case our …




An MOT is an important yearly check to ensure your vehicle is roadworthy and safe for you and your passengers to travel in. We carry out the MOT test plus any necessary maintenance and aim to offer all our customers a quick and hassle free approach to renewing their MOT certificate.


Accident Claim

If your car has been involved in an accident, your first priority will be to ensure it is fully and safely repaired by qualified mechanics. You may also want to claim on your car insurance or the insurance of the other party involved in the accident. At ZAD Autos we are happy to carry out …


handle double wrench, maintenance a car


Carrying out a service and basic tasks such as changing the engine oil, checking your tyres and looking for any potential problems can help to prevent future costs and give your car a longer healthier life. ZAD Autos mechanics are fully trained to carry out services to the same standard as your car manufacturer and …



Body Work

ZAD Autos are a highly skilled body repair specialist. Our car care centre has a great reputation in the local area and further afield for the quality of our body work repairs. We carry out everything from fixing body work after a crash, bump or scrape, to repairing stone chips and scratches. We always take …